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The canton of Zug is situated in central Switzerland and is an ideal location for international companies thanks to its tax haven status. However, Zug also has much to offer for families looking for a high quality of life and security. It is no wonder that people from more than 120 countries have made Zug their new home.

Welcome to the
City of Zug

The central location of Zug allows for excellent connections to the most important national and international traffic routes. From the nearest airports in Zurich, Basel and Milan many major airlines fly to worldwide destinations, while there is an airfield for private planes in Kappel am Albis, only 15 minutes away from Zug. Thanks to excellent infrastructure both for public and private transport the centres of Zurich and Lucerne are reachable within less than 30 minutes.

However, Zug has much more to offer: high quality of life and security, excellent schools, good shopping, diverse leisure activities and a beautiful lake. It is no wonder that people from more than 120 countries have made Zug their new home.

For more information go to www.stadtzug.ch


Heart of Switzerland:
Canton of Zug

Situated in the very heart of Switzerland, canton Zug connects the urban Zurich region with the rural and picturesque cantons of central Switzerland.

Two magnificent clear lakes, soft green hills and forests form the landscape and are complemented by stunning views of the Alps.

Zug has gained an international reputation as an important location for businesses in trading and finance and thus offers about 70'000 jobs. Thanks to the low taxation, which amounts to only half of the Swiss average, it’s an ideal environment for headquarters many international of companies.

For more information please visit www.zug.ch

Source: official website of the Canton of Zug, 2011

The center of Europe:

A high standard of living, security, hospitality and incomparable quality of life amidst Europe's centre with international connections: Switzerland is a land of possibilities and opportunities. Four national languages and friendly, active people, wonderful landscapes with mountains, lakes and rivers, and a lot of pure, fresh air: an idyllic paradise! Celebrities from all over the world have chosen Switzerland as their domicile and often call it their second home. And last, but not least: the distances between all Swiss cities as well as European metropoles are small, thus travelling is a pleasant and comfortable experience.