As unique as you are

Your own layout and material concept, developed by you with the help of an interior designer, to match your individual needs. Allow your dreams to unfold on 550 m2 and pamper yourself with a design of your choice.

As individual as you:
The interior design

We invite you to play a major role in the individual design of your living space together with a professional interior designer, using the best and most elegant materials and with up to 550 m² of floor space on each level. We want you to feel comfortable from the first moment you step through your door. And because your needs can change over the years, your property at Park-Tower can be adjusted to fit your new requirements at any time.

Sit back and relax: in your loggia. Every floor in the Park-Tower has versatile loggias: covered terraces in the summer months, large conservatories during the cool season. Experience Zug up close; enjoy the impressive panorama of the Swiss Alps in a central location.


On each floor, 550 m2 can be transformed into the apartment of your dreams. Thanks to the innovative concept you benefit from enormous flexibility when it comes to developing the room concept. The secret: all static elements are located only in the core and shell of the building.

The building is developed according to the Minergie standard: all apartments with comfort ventilation and cooling, and with sound insulation according to increased requirements in accordance with Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects.


The load bearing structure will be engineered according to the current standards. The 30 cm thick concrete floors will be supported by the core (concrete walls) and the facade supports. The walls of the core will be made from 30 cm thick reinforced concrete. The interior walls between the core and the facade, on the other hand, are not load bearing. The loads are transferred by the core walls and the supports down into the foundations and via pillars into the subgrade. The horizontal forces due to earthquake or wind loads are transferred via the concrete floors to the inner core, which in turn transmits the dynamic loads into the basement floors and subsequently into the ground.


The facades are constructed from prefabricated, thermally insulated sections with fall-prevention insulated safety triple glazing. The main framework comprises a hot-dip galvanised and paint-coated steel supporting structure. The facade sections are surrounded on all four sides by an anodised aluminium frame construction with a window sill made from extrusion profiles. Shading against the sun is provided by wind-resistant and centrally-controlled external integrated motorised vertical blinds.


Environmentally-friendly heating is provided by a geothermal heat pump. The heat sources are deep groundwater and geothermal energy, and the heat is delivered by heat pillars supplying the entire building with underground heating. This heat distribution and metering system allows each zone to be individually temperature controlled.


An overriding control system is envisaged for all building services engineering and electrical systems.


There are three passenger lifts which go from the lowest basement floor up to the 24th floor at a speed of 2.5 m/s. One lift will be designed as a firefighters lift. There is a cradle for facade cleaning and maintenance.


There are no fixed floor plans defined. The purchaser is free to choose the arrangement of rooms (outer zone) and sanitary facilities (inner zone) as well as the materials used. The budgets for the interior construction are defined for each floor.